Explaining all of the fitness benefits of non-alcoholic beer in one article is hard, but here we give you what we believe to be the top 5: 

Water you on about?

The most obvious benefit of Non-alcoholic beer, is the fact it is mostly water (like us by the way), but this is also true of traditional beer right? You'd be correct. However traditional beer also contains Ethanol, which is a diuretic (meaning it makes you wee, more than usual). This combined with salty snacks we choose to pair with alcohol when drunk (although even sober I am still partial to a cheeky pack of Nobby's Nuts) means the body also sees an increased thirst, leading to increased fluid loss through urination. This is all opposed to non-alcoholic beer, which is shown to aid rehydration due to its high water content. It also contains electrolytes, carbs, vitamins and minerals.  meaning you can stay quenched, and at peak performance. That's right, stay hydrated, stay healthy and enjoy an ice-cold beer. Witchcraft (Witch draught? Okay I’ll stop).

Calorie counter heaven

If you're watching your weight (going up, if anything like me). Non-alcoholic beer can be a good choice as since alcohol carries with it 7 calories a gram, it can be up to 3x fewer calories than its alcohol-based cousin. However, It isn't the calories you save from the drink choice itself that usually helps you achieve that goal physique. It's the adherence and holistic picture.

Alcohol can lead to decisions that aren't in your best interest (ever woken up with a traffic cone in your bedroom? Point made.) One of the most common drunken decisions we all make is to raid bar snacks, kebab shops, and shots of sugar-laced spirits on days we weren't planning to have them (Oh come on it's two jagers for a fiver!). This is all without mentioning the likelihood of you going to the gym the next day going from a "most probably", to an "absolutely not, did somebody say Juuuust Eat". So outside of the big occasions do yourself a favour and grab yourself a Buzz IPA at 79 calories a can, meaning you and your friends can gather round, instead of getting round, result.

Do you have the minerals?

We've all been there. Those days when all you consumed was a three syrup and cream coffee for breakfast, and a Tesco meal deal at lunch. With the only nutritional value coming from a singular piece of lettuce in your sandwich. Now, although it outlasted Liz Truss as a prime minister, putting the pressure of your daily nutrients on a slice of iceberg doesn't seem fair. Thankfully you won't have to be the "weirdo" popping multivitamins and minerals in the pub. Non-alcoholic beer contains nutrients like B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, which holistically work together to support various functions throughout the body. These functions range from supporting healthy skin, energy metabolism, all the way to aiding your digestion. The long and short of it, these things are super important to keep you running smoothly, and ready to perform. What luck that they can be ingested by simply crackin' open a cold one. Lovely.

Sleep easy

While alcohol may initially promote feelings of relaxation and drowsiness, it can ultimately have negative effects on sleep, specifically the slow wave restorative deep sleep, which is linked to memory formation. This is actually what most people are experiencing when they "can't remember the night before". Most people attribute this to the alcohol itself, but actually, the sleep disruption from the alcohol is a contributing factor.

Another often overlooked negative effect of deep sleep, however, is the impact it has on the body. As deep sleep aids recovery, regenerates muscle tissue and can help athletes recover faster, non-alcoholic beers as opposed to their alcoholic counterparts aid better performance (and more gainz bro). So you can note when you are reaching for a Buzz IPA that your mate with a bigger PB on the bench isn't. It's only a matter of time before you can ask him, "do you even lift?".

Boost your performance

Due to it containing plant compounds (such as polyphenols, flavonoids, and hops) non - alcoholic beer is shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising effects. Studies have shown the presence of these compounds in non-alcoholic beer may have the ability to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress within the body. This would lead to improved athletic performance, especially for endurance sports. Combine this with the proprietary blend of nootropics found in our BUZZ IPA shown to improve cognitive function, reduce fatigue and enhance endurance, well, they may as well give you the trophy now. 


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