Who are we?

We are the Bootstrap Brewers, or as we are more formally known, Ryan and Scott. Best mates since year 7, we first bonded over a shared passion for South Park, the Nintendo Wii, and terrorising our teachers. Sixteen years on and our friendship has stayed strong (the same however can not be said for our hairlines). 

It wasn't long after we first met that we discovered the glorious world of BEER. Initial tasting sessions usually took place at whichever house party we could blag our way into that weekend, or failing that, the local park. Listening to The Kooks on repeat and discussing which girls we'd been messaging on MSN with a beer in hand quickly became the norm. 

As we got older our beer palates became more refined and the huge rise of craft brewing meant we were spoilt for choice. Over time, we began demanding more from our beer, and a warm crate of Fosters on a park bench didn't quite hit the spot like it used to.  

We then left university and begun our professional careers in finance and business, but as time went on the hangovers got worse, 'Hangxiety' became a nightmare and the other negative effects of alcohol started to take their toll. 

The problem with Alcohol

Staying productive, healthy and active whilst regularly drinking alcohol is tough, and opting for non-alcoholic beers at social events leaves you with no more of a buzz than from drinking a glass of water. 

Luckily, we have found the solution, the perfect in-between. Utilising the latest brewing methods and scientific research into Nootropics, we've created a beer that picks you up instead of putting you down, giving you an alcohol-free buzz (for more information on how this works, read our article "Nootropics, What's That?").

Are we anti-alcohol?

In truth, no. We believe in drinking alcohol, sometimes. Just not all the time. Moderation is our motto.

Are there occasions such as weddings, birthdays, holidays, or once-every-two-month meet-ups with friends (that are now getting harder to organise than Glastonbury) where alcohol has it's part to play? Absolutely. But sometimes cracking open a can of Buzz IPA instead just makes more sense.

We believe you should be able to “have your beer and drink it”. That everyone should have the option of a great-tasting beer that gives you a pick me up when you need to socialise, without having to sacrifice tomorrow.  

Why 'Bootstrap Brewers'? 

Our name is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, originating from the old saying 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps'. The past few years we've been pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps, using our professional careers in business and finance to develop the skills needed to launch Bootstrap Brewers. We're passionate about brewing beers that allow our fellow bootstrap pullers to stay focused on their goals and ambitions, their own careers and businesses, and to better themselves and the world around them. 

So join us on our journey towards making the world a happier and more productive place to be. One beer at a time.

Thank you for reading,

Ryan and Scott.

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